In our reorganization in June, 2016, the Foundation began seeking out a new Board of Trustees who share our passion for achieving our mission within our lifetimes.

  • We are seeking Trustees who…
    • – are willing to roll up their sleeves when necessary to help with the practical work
    • – have strong ties to their communities
    • – are diverse — in age, gender, race, religion, occupation, skills, and background, and
    • – are willing to support efforts to raise money.


If you are interested in joining our cause as a Trustee, and believe like we do that within our lifetime we can get to zero deaths due to medication errors, please contact us immediately. Our new Board of Trustees is being formed now.


FAQ for prospective board members:

  1. What is EJF’s mission statement? Our mission is to eradicate deaths caused by medication errors, which is 43% of the third leading cause of death in the U.S., as confirmed recently by the news media.
  2. What is the organization’s history? EJF was formed by Chris Jerry in 2009, as a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation after the death of his daughter Emily Jerry, a two-year-old who was given an overdose of saline (sodium chloride) mixed by a pharmacy technician in her chemotherapy IV bag. (See Emily’s Story.)
  3. What are the board members’ responsibilities?
    1. Decision making: Committees will be used to help maximize the board’s productivity by helping the board handle complex issues. The smaller committees will research and break down complex issues and present its findings to the board, which can then move forward to making decisions.
    2. Providing expertise.
    3. Representing issues and key concerns at board meetings (based on reports by EJF committees).
    4. Chairing committees of choice to increase involvement.
  4. How long does a board member serve on the board? 3 years is a term. The board will meet 4 times per year. Some meetings may be conducted remotely.
  5. Are there any legal issues that board members should worry about? No. EJF plans to be fully insured with an added errors and omissions policy, and indemnifies all of its members and volunteers.

See EJF Policies & Rules for more information, or Contact Us.

2016 – 2019 Board Members

Christopher S. Jerry, Founder & CEO

Albert L. Harlow, Jr., President & COO

Robert C. Rosenfeld, Esq., Director of Planned Giving

Joni Aldrich

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh (Profile)

Jack Risenhoover, Esq., Chairman of Executive Committee


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