Founder & CEO:

Christopher Jerry

Background: Chris Jerry has vast experience running distribution networks throughout Europe as well as cultivating OEM relationships and ongoing contracts with large Fortune 500 multinational corporations involved in medical imaging. Chris’s prior proficiency in multifaceted management in medical imaging, along with his overall international business experience with various medical equipment manufacturers was the perfect training for the work he does so passionately today. The opportunity, very early on in his career, to visit and spend countless hours in medical facilities throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East has given Chris a very keen understanding of exactly how various hospitals and medical facilities operate on a day-to-day basis. Subsequently, Chris is extremely knowledgeable about vital issues like systems, processes, and protocols in medicine, how they work and how the various modalities in medicine function and communicate with one another from all perspectives.

Chris Jerry has spoken at over 100 venues since the Foundation was established as an accredited 501(c)3 in August, 2009.

From working as the primary spokesman for the Foundation, Chris Jerry has developed into an accomplished and engaging speaker. He has given more than 100 lectures, keynotes speeches, and presentations on patient safety and ways to reduce preventable medical errors at hospitals and medical conferences throughout the United States.

Chris specializes in speaking about patient safety and preventable medical errors, in particular, medication errors as well as “just culture principles in medicine”. He shares Emily’s story and the extremely important lessons learned since her passing. Approximately 85% of Chris’s speaking engagements and lectures historically have been CME and/or CE Accredited.

Clinicians, hospital administrators, boards of trustees for medical facilities, etc., are the ones who really benefit from hearing him speak, since they are able to affect positive change in the overall “culture of medicine” and how it’s currently practiced. On average, a live audience of 300 to 500 people have heard Chris speak at once, with as many as 2,500 who were all registered pharmacists at the ASHP Mid-Year Meeting in Las Vegas. Many of the venues have webcasted Chris’s presentations live to additional audiences at facilities within their healthcare system.

Chris consistently has scored very high marks on CME and CE reviews after his lectures. See testimonials.

Contact us to arrange for Chris to come and speak at your event.

You can learn more about Chris’s impressive qualifications by visiting his LinkedIn page.

President & COO

Albert L. Harlow, Jr.

Moved by Chris’s story and motivated by the cause, Al began working with Chris to restructure the Emily Jerry Foundation. To start, it was recognized that the Foundation’s website badly needed to be revamped. In working on this, it served as a dynamic tool to help formulate the Foundation’s plan for moving forward, so it can realistically achieve its newly defined and focused mission.

As the new President & COO, under Al’s foresight and leadership, we are seeing the Emily Jerry Foundation through what is now amounting to being a very exciting period of rebirth. Not only a rebirth for the Foundation but also for Chris Jerry personally, who as Founder & CEO, built a stellar reputation, with integrity and professionalism in the seven years of his dedicated work.

For more information about Al, go to

Director of Planned Giving

Robert C. Rosenfeld, Esq.

Along with bringing on Al, the Foundation also hired Robert Rosenfeld, Esq. as our much-needed Director of Planned Giving. Bob not only has a law degree but also, more importantly, has tremendous experience in working with charitable organizations.

Through our work together, working to recruit a new Board, find an Executive Committee, reconnecting with past partners and working toward creating a reliable and steady structure for growth, EJF has now entered this new era with a much better ability to accomplish its core mission.

Office Manager:

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Zinner & Co. LLP

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