Become a friend of Emily!

Help us spread the news about how we’re going to solve these very critical problems with the distribution and administering of medication and improve our loved ones’ safety. If everyone pitches in just a little in their spare time, we can and will accomplish our mission together.

Simply register here. You will immediately be sent an email with your username and password to log into the dashboard. (All applicants are accepted. Emily likes everyone.)

In the dashboard, you will be able to copy your unique “Creatives” links, which will have your unique tracking number associated with the Emily guardian angel image. You then can paste this “code” to embed Emily’s image in your emails and on your websites.Friends of Emily Dashboard headings


Emblem with tracking code for website:

Tracking Code – Affiliate ID is 3:

<img src=”″ width=”0″ height=”0″ /><a href=”“><img src=”” style=”border: 0;” title=”Medication mistakes like Emily’s can be eradicated – Learn how”/></a>

Emblem with tracking code for Email

Below is an example of placing a Friends of Emily emblem in an email with a tracking link. Just change the number from 3 to your tracking number, which is 4 and 5:

Medication mistakes like Emily's can be eradicated - Learn how

Hyperlink to add to image:

Link to Friends of Emily emblem:

To learn how to add an image to your Outlook emails, click here.


We at EJF plan on awarding our best friends of Emily. So the tracking code allows us to see who brings us the most support in the way of donations. However, you can also direct your friends and family to become a volunteer at EJF.

To become a friend of Emily, register here.

Please contact us with any questions. We’re here to help.