One Facility at a Time

Emily Jerry Guardian Angel Lapel Pin
The EJF lapel pin serves as a reminder of your support and commitment to eradicating medication errors.

In working together we believe we can eradicate medication errors, even if it takes doing this one healthcare facility at a time. By setting standards by which we will approve a healthcare facility and then encouraging them by first doing an EJF audit, and then providing the education necessary so that ultimately an EJF awards event can be held at that facility with great publicity and fanfare, together we will achieve our mission. Below is a description of what is entailed for a healthcare facility when entering into a EJF Medication Safety Awards Program.

Meeting EJF’s Standards

The first step is to schedule an EJF audit. This entails having an EJF representative visit your facility and review the requirements while inspecting your medication processes, systems and protocols. We then will work on putting a plan together outlining how to achieve adherence to these standards in an on-going and systematic manner. While EJF’s standards are high, they can be easily met; and once they are, we have several ways your healthcare facility will be recognized by the Emily Jerry Foundation, which can be used to assure patient safety in your marketing materials, advertising and promotions to your community.Seal of Approval-Sm

1) Awards – Chris Jerry can personally visit your facility, hand out Guardian Angel pins, and award your facility with the Foundation’s prestigious “EJF Standard Met for Medication Safety” plaque.

2) News Release – The Foundation will publish and distribute a news release to be picked up by the news media. Your marketing department would be consulted with so that this news release can be coordinated with your other marketing efforts.

Chris Jerry, our Founder, speaks at many events throughout the year, promoting patient safety.

3) Speaking – Chris Jerry can also participate with your gatherings, events or conferences, to discuss how the standards were met, what efforts are being made or what rules (or best practices) are in place to meet these standards, and to discuss additional initiatives by the Foundation in working with your organization to assure patient medication safety for everyone.

4) On-going Support– Once your facility has met a level of the EJF medication safety standards, the Foundation will continue to work with your facility, its administrators, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, to keep your standards up to date with continued improvements, information and developments in the field of patient safety.


We understand that not all states have legislation that insists on pharmacy technician certification before being allowed to work at a healthcare facility. We realize that not all hospitals or clinics necessarily need to have their medication compounded into IV bags, and so don’t necessarily have a need for compounding equipment. The Emily Jerry Foundation understands that “one glove does not fit every hand”, so each facility’s acceptance of our standards will be considered on an individual, case by case basis. Contact us to start the conversation about how your healthcare facility can gain our assured patient medication safety seal of approval and awards.

Subscription-Based Offering

This medication safety awards program can be offered for a royalty as an additional benefit to customers of EJF approved sponsors and partners. A facility which has already purchased a partner’s approved product, for instance, which improves medication safety, automatically qualifies them and makes them eligible to enroll into this program, which can be paid for by tacking on a royalty for consumables purchased, such as labels or bags. The billing is best handled in this manner by the partner, where the tax-deductible contributions are then made monthly to EJF. This monthly subscription-based program in this way can easily be designed to cost the partner company nothing, and elevates the focus on the shared missions while also increasing the partner’s stature by their support of this worthy, beneficial and effective on-going program.


Multi-Staged Process

arrows-3-circular-interlocking-800pxThe program is a multi-staged, ever-evolving process, focused on repeating these three activities: 1) evaluation and audit, 2) awareness and education, 3) encouragement and reassessment. The goal ultimately is to lead a facility through the process of achieving a score of 100% and satisfying all of EJF’s standards as shown below.


The goal is to assist each facility enrolled in the program to eventually meet all the EJF standards, but at their own pace. As long as a facility is enrolled in the program (through an EJF partner), EJF will continually encourage meeting EJF’s standards. When any standard is met, the facility will receive an award. Standards are coded for multiple reasons, but mainly to protect the potential for misinterpretations and to manage expectations. This program is meant to encourage making constant improvements in medication safety through guidance, encouragement and education.

See the EJF standards worksheet shown below, which is used to evaluate each facility. Scores are confidential, and are used for internal purposes only. Grades do not determine eligibility nor are they used to qualify any facility in any way, other than for record keeping.

To learn more about our EJF Medication Safety Awards Program, please fill out and submit our contact us form. We will be in touch to discuss the opportunities in working together to achieve this most important and obtainable mission, including an outline of the costs associated with the audit, education and awards.

If you are a supplier, systems provider, distributor or manufacturer and have a customer you believe deserve recognition for their medication patient safety standards, programs or initiatives, please contact us immediately to discuss how to work together with the Emily Jerry Foundation to get this organization and others the recognition they deserve.