The Foundation continually seeks partnerships and sponsors to help in our mission.

Chris Jerry speaking at SEA
Chris Jerry, our Founder, speaks at many events throughout the year, promoting patient safety.

Through actively communicating and working together with our partners and sponsors, the Foundation stays current with improvements to processes, protocols, and systems that support the healthcare infrastructure. We work with partners and sponsors in many different ways, which helps keep the Foundation actively engaged in promoting patient safety in medication.

(See Tax Benefits of Giving.)

Endorsement Opportunities

As a tool for motivating purchases and improving the public’s perception of a brand, partnering with a charity like EJF works. Here are some findings from a 2013 Cone Study on cause-related marketing:

  • 89% of consumers would be likely to switch brands (if quality and price held constant) for one that’s affiliated with a charity, compared with 80% in 2010 and 66% in 1993.
  • 54% of consumers bought a product related to a social and/or environmental benefit, compared with 41% in 2010 and 20% in 1993.

Several endorsement avenues are available so EJF can promote a product, solution or service which is aligned with the Foundation’s interests in striving to improve medication and drug safety. A promotional endorsement by the Emily Jerry Foundation confirms a commitment to “assured patient safety”.

Partnering Opportunities

EJF Seal of Approval

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for the Foundation to promote your approved product, solution or service, to help move forward our mission together. We also allow partners or sponsors who have passed an EJF audit, to use approved elements of the Emily Jerry Foundation brand and logo, such as the EMJ Seal of Approval. This helps the sponsor reinforce to their community its commitment to assure patient safety in medication. EJF will design a marketing program best suited for the sponsor.

Marketing options available include:

  1. Seal of Approval – Use of the EJF Seal of Approval logo (click to view) on all your marketing materials.
  2. Print Media – Prominent positions in our brochures, pamphlets, and literature handed out during all EJF events, including a full paragraph-long description of your organization and offering(s) along with a logo or picture.
  3. Enforcement – Honorable mentions during talks about aligned interests, solutions, and initiatives, including interviews with the media. (See EJF Media Hits.)
  4. Radio Advertising – Radio advertisements on Chris Jerry’s weekly iHeart radio program Surviving Healthcare Today.Interactive map of solutions
  5. Website – Logo rotations on the EJF website, along with a link to a page explaining the relationship and reason for the endorsement by EJF, along with links back to the sponsor’s website.
  6. Bus Booth – Display booth on Patient Safety Express bus touring the country. – PENDING FUNDING
  7. Billboard – Logo on Patient Safety Express bus touring the country. – PENDING FUNDING
  8. App Ads – Logo, write-up and integration of your solution(s) on EJF’s pharmacy best practices educational app. – PENDING FUNDING
  9. Map Ads – Star locator on EJF’s interactive map, with a pop up with information and links to your solution or service.
  10. Sponsorship – Items used in promoting medication safety through EJF Medication Safety Awards ProgramEJF Guardian Angel Pendent ceremonies are all available for individual sponsorship. Items include pamphlets, plaques, pendants, badges and lapel pins.
  11. Initiatives – Also, please Note: All EJF initiatives are available for single or multiple sponsorship.
    1. Awareness Campaign Fund
    2. Pharmacy Technician Legislation Scorecard
    3. Pharmacy Best Practices App
    4. Pharmacy Tech Scholarship
    5. Patient Safety Express
    6. Pediatric Safe Label

Please contact us to begin the discussion regarding participating.

Criteria for what qualifies an ideal EJF partner

Strong partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, medical facilities, academia and various patient
img_0443safety organizations are essential in order for EJF to accomplish its mission of eradicating preventable medication errors. With every relationship and steps taken with others helping to support our efforts, we get closer to eliminating preventable medication errors forever, which can only be done with help from having strong, well-defined and committed partnership agreements.

In seeking out these committed partners, EJF under one umbrella can continue to promote an emphasis on disseminating and employing solutions. Spending resources on finding the cause only to then place blame as the final conclusion is a tragedy in and of itself. In our opinion, blame should be innocuous and nothing more than identifying where and how the human error occurred so we can find a solution. (As when EJF’s
Founder, Chris Jerry, pulled the IV bag out of the trash immediately following Emily’s tragic medication error so an examination of its contents could be conducted.)

Chris’s hypothesis that terrible day led to his pioneering conclusion (since verified), that the leading cause of virtually all medication errors can be traced back to one simple human mistake made somewhere down the Joe Basha Christopher Jerry Arie Blitzline of giving the patient care. As Chris says, the fact is that “we as humans are all fallible and typically no caregiver ever intentionally means to harm”. Chris formed EJF to laser focus attention on vetting solutions that solve medication mistakes; not ignoring where and how the errors occur, but making this not a means to an end. Since those tumultuous times for Chris, working inside the industry with this approach to healthcare since 2006, as a non-profit 501(c)(3), EJF now can confidently say its efforts promoting solutions has reduced the probability of “human error” and subsequently is saving countless lives.

An ideal EJF partner is committed to EJF in supporting these continuing efforts. Partner contributions to this non-profit can be provided in many ways, such as allocating and making resources available. Any degree of contributions to our efforts and shared commitments is welcomed. However, how much EJF can dedicate limited resources to in our initiatives and programs, speaking about and promoting the varying technologies and solutions, correlates directly with the form and amount contributed by partners. Partners with clinically-proven solutions and stellar technologies which help move our mission forward (lowering Senator John Eklund & Meand often eliminating the probability of human error during the course of treatments) are the essential tools where they can budget a proper allocation to enable EJF to continue to promote and educate others.

New tools and technologies, however, can only be effective when they are coupled with new, improved and ever-evolving best practices, as they are also being developed and tweaked by various modalities in medicine. The physicians, nurses, pharmacists and caregivers ALL need to know why and how these tools are implemented and how to use them. This is precisely why our close affiliations and partnerships with medical facilities, academia, and other prominent patient safety organizations are so incredibly important to EJF. It’s all about having the right tools for the job and knowing exactly how to implement and use them effectively. With EJF, it’s all about improving education and awareness on all levels in healthcare.

The affiliation must be complementary so it helps propel our mission and your philanthropic goals:

  • Initiatives: EJF offered programs and services must be those you want to support and can support with an agreed upon financial commitment. EJF is focused on research, advocacy, awareness and promoting patient medication safety. So, if there is a fit within the goals of the products and services your company offers, then our focuses are aligned.
  • Financial Health: Your company must be financially strong and willing to help EJF be efficient and sustainable.
  • Accountability & Transparency: EJF is in the process of forming a new Board of Trustees who as individuals are each independently able to EJF Team for Florida Senate Health Committee Meetingsfinancially help fund the Foundation. Offering to serve on our Board also achieves our mutual need for proper oversight and transparency, as we continue to establish policies, procedures, and systems which move our mission forward together.
  • Results Reporting: EJF provides evidence of our progress in meeting our mission by reporting information on our website, such as our Legislation Scorecard. Having the capability and willingness to publish and promote the Foundation’s findings as published in our reports periodically, combined with your enthusiasm to help achieve our mission, is an added plus.

The relationship between your for-profit company and EJF must be authentic:

  • No Conflicts of Interests: There must not be any perceived or real conflicts between the charity’s mission and your company’s values and products/services. There must be a strategic partnership between your firm and EJF where it can only be perceived as a winning and supportive relationship, with no chance of being interpreted simply as disguised advertising ploy with no tie-ins or any thoughtful consideration of UPMC Jim Conwayour mission.

To learn more about our partner approval process, standards, and audit, so that EJF can help promote your solution, product or service in medication safety, please fill out and submit our contact us form. We will be in touch to discuss the opportunities in working together to achieve this most important and obtainable mission, including an outline of sponsorship costs and expenses.

Sponsorship Levels

Or jump right in and become a sponsor today. Becoming a sponsor of the Emily Jerry Foundation is easy. Contact us so we can begin to discuss the level of your participation and how we can work together, and then we will fill in the blanks in an agreement with the details: Sponsorship Agreement_distributed.