“..exceptional presentations…”

Hawaii Pharmacists


“…Chris has “lit the high beams” on system flaws…”

“Chris Jerry has transformed this loss of his child, Emily, from a medication error into solutions designed to protect others from harm. In just a few years he has single-handedly “lit the high beams” on system flaws in medication administration in hospitals and pharmacies. Chris is a powerful, motivating speaker who often presents to rapt audiences. Drawing on his former business career, Chris collaborates effectively with both pharma and lawmakers to advance standards which safeguard patients. With Emily as the angel on his shoulder, Chris is making medication use safer for all of us.”

-Karen Curtiss, Leader in Patient and Family Engagement for Patient Safety

“…you gave most meaningful presentations…”

Hawaii Pharmacists

“…amazed at your courage and faith…”

Thank you very much for sharing your story at our Leadership meeting yesterday. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the magnitude of the heartache and grief that you experienced, and am amazed at your courage and faith. Your ability to turn such a traumatic event into something that others will benefit from is a true attestation of your incredibly strong and admirable character.

Best of luck to you as you continue to share Emily’s story with others, and know that your special guardian angel is now a part of the Children’s family.


Donna Hyland
President & CEO at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
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“…a positive impact on medication safety…”

Hawaii Pharmacists




“Your story impacted all…”

Hawaii Pharmacists

“…an extraordinarily powerful presentation…”

Hawaii Pharmacists
A very kind letter was sent in by the Connecticut Hospital Association regarding an Emily Jerry Foundation speaking engagement in March of 2013.

“Your presentation really moved me…”

Hi Mr. Jerry

My name is Nick Woodward and I am the lead pharmacy technician at the Kroger Pharmacy on Mall Road in Florence, Kentucky. I was at your presentation today at Paul Brown Stadium. Your presentation really moved me and hit home for me. I have a 20 month old little girl. First let me say I am sorry for your loss and I am amazed by your forgiveness and strength. You inspired me today. I want you to know I’m going to share everything you said today with all my pharmacy technicians and any other technicians I talk to through out the day. I was also disappointed that the Kentucky score card was a D. I would like to know what I can do or what we can do to get that score higher. I would like to help any way I can. Thank you for having the courage and strength to talk to us today. And thank you for making our pharmacy a safer place. Once again I am sorry for your loss.

Nick Woodward

“…how touched I was by your presentation…”

Mr. Jerry,

I had to send you a note to let you know how touched I was by your presentation yesterday at the Pharmacy Show. As a mother and a grandmother myself, I can’t imagine going through what you went through. I met you at the breakfast portion before the pharmacy show started and you gave me your card. I had no idea who you were. Working as a pharmacy technician, I of course have heard about Emily’s story, but I never knew the whole story. I don’t think you left too many dry eyes in the place yesterday. This year is the first year that Kroger has let technicians go to the show and I know the one thing that will stay with me from this is your story and precious Emily’s beautiful face. My heart goes out to you for your forgiveness for the parties involved. Emily is in heaven cheering for her Daddy for carrying on the work that she started.

God bless you for all your hard work and getting your story out there. You had an effect on alot of people yesterday.

You will see your beautiful daughter again someday when God feels your job is done. Emily will be saving a place for you in heaven.

Take care,

Kim Clark

“…I truly admire the work you are doing…”


I am a Kroger pharmacist that you spoke to just a few days ago. I am the one who showed you a picture of my daughter, Chloe, who looks so similar to Emily. I wanted you to know that I truly admire the work you are doing to improve patient safety. If there is any thing I can assist with please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for sharing your tragic story so that there may be saved.

Lauren Gantzer


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