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Virtual Keynote at Michigan State

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be able to give the virtual Keynote for the “Revolutionizing Patient Safety: Securing the Medication Supply Line Conference”, hosted by the Axia Institute/MSU, yesterday.

A primary topic of conversation that was covered very well, throughout the day, in the panel discussions, was one that I am very familiar with, and speak often about, the utilization of technology as the “tools” to help eliminate “human error” from both the clinical and pharmacy workflow.

This event was a huge success in terms of conveying this fact, it was also extremely well organized, and highlighted exactly how technology, if adopted and implemented properly, can significantly improve medication safety overall. I really believe that this is how we can stop tragedies, like the one that occurred with my daughter Emily, and save countless lives from preventable medication errors together!

The following are a few of the very kind comments I feel very blessed to have received afterwards…

“Your touching story of loss, along with your equally powerful story of preserving your daughter’s legacy through the Emily Jerry Foundation was riveting.” ~Katherine F.

“You gave a truly amazing presentation…What a lesson you and Emily are teaching so many, God bless you!” ~Karol M.

“You did a fantastic job, as always! We appreciate all you do to continue advocating for patient safety while continually making Emily proud!” ~Miranda T.

“Thank you! We will all strive to be better because of Emily!” ~Jay W.

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