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Emily's story

Thank you for the opportunity to share my daughter, Emily's, tragic story. This does not get any easier, in fact even though over five years have gone by since her death, my life still seems so surreal. There is no pain greater than losing a child. My beautiful Emily's death was senseless and preventable. However, by establishing Emily's Foundation, I genuinely hope to prevent any other family from having to endure the pain that I live with every day. Read Emily's full story here.

Why We're Passionate About Finding Solutions

This video showcases exactly who we are and why we do what we do. The Emily Jerry Foundation is committed to saving lives by reducing preventable medical errors. We work with many partners to make this vision a reality. President, Christopher Jerry, can come to your facility or patient safety event to make an impact on your team of caregivers.

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Announcing The Emily Jerry Foundation's National Pharmacy Technician Initiative and Scorecard

As with the heartbreaking story of my beautiful little girl Emily in 2006 (see Emily's Story for details) as well as the more recent tragedy and loss of life that occurred as result of unsafe pharmacy practices in Massachusetts at the pharmacy responsible for the meningitis outbreak, the general public is not made aware of the fact that they are routinely put at risk within our nation's medical facilities until it is too late. Similarly, a majority of the public is not aware of the fact that in all of our nation's medical facilities, pharmacy technicians are being used to compound virtually all of their intravenous medications (IV medications) while they receive treatment. To make matters even worse, there are still many states that have absolutely no requirements, or proof of competency, whatsoever, for the pharmacy technicians who routinely compound patient's IV medications on a day-to-day basis. The Emily Jerry Foundation's National Pharmacy Technician Initiative and Scorecard aims to change that. With the launch of the new interactive map that is available on our home page at, we have attempted to increase the flow of information to the general public and to our lawmakers about these reversible conditions and to become a catalyst for change. We hope to highlight the states that are doing a great job of protecting their patients through strict controls and educational requirements for pharmacy techs, as well as encourage those that are lagging behind to make improvements in their own standards in order to improve care and potentially save lives. That is the goal of the Emily Jerry Foundation, and myself as a patient safety advocate. To help save lives through reducing and eliminating the human error component of medicine. We hope this initiative will continue the momentum of our progress in that area. Click here to read the full press release.

Very best regards,
Christopher S. Jerry
President & CEO
The Emily Jerry Foundation

Latest News

EJF Safe Label Program in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products Magazine

We have mentioned this article in the past, but I recently received the printed version in the mail and thought the scans would be much more powerful than the online link. As soon as I finished scanning the images I noticed I had a great testimonial in my email from someone who was moved to respond because of this very article. I’d like to share this email with you all:

I just read your interview in the March 2014 Pharmacy Purchasing & Products insert. It moved me to respond and share a success story from my hospital. We installed an IV Workflow system (DoseEdge™) in our pharmacy in late 2010. During dose preparation the technician must scan barcodes on the drug, diluent and fluid to ensure the ingredients are correct. They also take pictures of the amount of drug in the syringe before injecting into the bag for the pharmacist to verify.

We average 20 intercepted errors per week. I believe most of these would have been caught by the pharmacist, but…… In addition to DoseEdge there are several robotic and manual systems on the market. Perhaps in a future publication your foundation could advocate for barcode scanning in all sterile compounding.

P.S. I really like the angel label idea and plan to incorporate into my process.

Stephen L. Speth, RPh
Pharmacy Manager
Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital
601 W. 2nd St.
Bloomington, IN 47402

I get so encouraged when I read things like this. A special Thank You goes out to Stephen Speth for sending me this note. It means we are starting to win the battle for patient safety, and gives me more motivation than you can imagine to press on! Please click on the image below to download a pdf of the scanned article as it printed in the latest issue of Pharmacy Purchasing & Products Magazine.

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Speaking Engagement at Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen a Huge Success!

Just wanted to follow-up on the presentation I gave at Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care on March 5th. The entire Pediatric Grand Rounds event went great, as evidenced by the awesome Thank-You letter I was sent by Dr. Lewis First, the Chief of Pediatrics at Vermont Children’s Hospital. I always get energized by these incredible events, especially seeing the passion that the caregivers have for making their facilities a safer place for patients. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to come visit and share my story. See a scan of the full letter below!

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EJF Singled Out on as “Making a Difference For Patient Safety”

We at the Emily Jerry Foundation are proud to announce a mention of our mission/organization by Mark Graban of in a recent article titled “Some People Who Are Making a Difference for Patient Safety”. Leanblog is run by Mark and focuses on being “Lean in hospitals, business, and our world.” Being “Lean” refers to “The Toyota Way” management system, which has two parts: 1.) Eliminate waste and non-value-added activity (NVA) through continuous improvement, 2.) Practice respect for people. The article highlights three deserving foundations that are making an impact by trying to turn tragedy into triumph. The Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation and The Josie King Foundation join the Emily Jerry Foundation on this list of patient safety advocates that are working to eliminate preventable medical errors. We are thankful for people like Mark who are attempting to shed light on organizations such as ours. I am also excited to have been asked to join Mark as a guest on one of his upcoming podcasts!

Click here to read the full article titled “Some People Who Are Making a Difference for Patient Safety” on

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    The Emily Jerry Foundation is determined to help make our nation’s, world renowned, medical facilities safer for everyone, beginning with our babies and children. We are accomplishing this very important objective by focusing on increasing public awareness of key patient safety related issues and identifying technology and best practices that are proven to minimize the “human error” component of medicine. Through our ongoing efforts The Emily Jerry Foundation is working hard to save lives every day.

    Thank You So Very Much for Your Support! ~Chris Jerry

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    Through my work as an advocate, I never really knew the profound healing that would occur on a personal level, as Emily’s father. It’s this type of healing process that can occur, for anyone who has experienced or is going through a life-changing crisis, that cohost Joni Aldrich ( and I, discuss on our weekly show called ADVOCACY HEALS U. Please join us every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST and find out how to be an advocate for positive change and how it can, subsequently, heal and inspire you too! Over any web enabled device, you can listen to the show by either going to or If you happen to miss a show it will be rebroadcast each Saturday at 3:00pm EST. All our shows are archived on Click on the button below to scroll through the archives.

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    Medication Safety Form Letters

    A few months ago, we introduced The Emily Jerry Foundation’s National Pharmacy Technician Initiative and Scorecard. Our new interactive scorecard’s primary objective is meant to be a useful tool for everyone in the public to use to protect themselves, their families, and their loved ones, from tragic and often deadly medication errors, like the one that took my beautiful daughter, Emily’s, life in 2006. As with Emily, these types of tragedies often occur in states that have little to NO oversight or continuing education requirements for their pharmacy technicians. If you live in one of these states that has absolutely no requirements for their pharmacy technicians, has received a poor grade on our scorecard, or if you are simply not comfortable with the potential core competency or training requirements of the pharmacy technicians in your state, I would urge you to complete and print out the following two letters and get them signed. These letters could ultimately save your life, or the lives of the ones you love.

    One of the letters was written for those of you who will be receiving treatment at a hospital or medical facility that will be dispensing and compounding medications for you in their clinical pharmacy. The other letter is for those of you that will be receiving your medications from a retail pharmacy close to home. Many of you will need to utilize both letters, due to the fact you will be receiving various medications from both types of pharmacies (clinical and retail) during the course of your treatment.

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