The Emily Jerry Foundation is committed to educating families and lawmakers about Pharmacy Technicians, the need to increase the prerequisite training standards of their profession, and their important role in life or death medical situations across the United States.

Our Partners

For over 10 years, RxTOOLKIT has provided groundbreaking, diverse, and clinically proven online applications that support clinical excellence in all aspects of pharmacy practice. Our mission is to improve medication safety through the specialized and innovative development of clinical applications. Every application is built on a strong foundation combining technology, process, and competency. We provide applications that solve both the small and large problems which pharmacists face every day. We allow users to pick and choose which applications they need and always keep you within your budget. We also partner with our clients to develop custom solutions that go to work for your organization.

• Centralized customizable dashboard
• HIPAA compliant / secure environment
• Complete customization available for all applications
• Built-in search and report features for all applications
• Manager Level access to restricted content/permissions
• User training and 24 hour technical support

Created by pharmacists through direct clinical experience and front line development, RxTOOLKIT has grown to include Information and Communication Solutions, Dosing Solutions for High-Risk Patients or Drugs, Complex Drug Therapy Solutions, and Pharmacy Labeling Solutions to ensure your staff gets it right. RxTOOLKIT’s latest development, RxWORKFLOW™, is a fully integrated and revolutionary approach to pharmacy operations combining all of the innovative applications you need to get the job done, step-by-step guidance, competency assessments, and time-outs all on one single primary source page. Visit our website or Contact us today for more information.

As the market leader in developing cutting-edge RFID solutions for hospitals our goal is to safely and accurately manage high-value, critical-dose medication dispensing and delivery to patients. MEPS Real-Time, Inc. is proud to partner with the Emily Jerry Foundation and work together to improve the future of patient safety.

We understand that a patient can live or die depending on correct medication administration. Hospitals and medical professionals clearly agree: leveraging RFID technology increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves patient safety. These benefits result in accurate tracking of medication expiration dates, re-dated refrigeration dates, information about the drug administered and tracking and updating of drug inventory levels. All of our products come with REAL-TIME visibility to ensure clinicians have the right drug, in the right dose – when and where they need them. Now that’s smart.

To learn more about how MEPS’ smart technologies can improve patient safety in your hospital visit our website:

Emily Jerry Foundation endorses life-saving technology by CDEX

The Emily Jerry Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with CDEX, Inc. to build public awareness about its pioneering chemical detection equipment designed to ensure medical facilities are delivering the right medications to patients. The Emily Jerry Foundation is actively promoting the life-saving capability of the ValiMed™ Medication Validation System (MVS) as an imperative device in the prevention of human pharmaceutical errors.
CDEX is a Tucson, AZ-based company specializing in chemical detection technologies with a vision for saving lives and protecting assets. ValiMed™ MVS is a technological safety net that provides protection from medication errors for patients, pharmacists and hospitals. The table-top device ─ engineered to eliminate mistakes made while mixing compounds at a hospital ─ uses a technique called enhanced photoemission spectroscopy to determine if the compounds are correct. The device is clinically proven to save lives.
For more information, go to
Click here to download the official press release.

For over 30 years, Medi-Dose/EPS has been working with pharmacists and health care professionals to design and support cost-effective products solving the specific needs of their practices.

Medi-Dose/EPS has become an industry leader in unit dose systems, bar coding products and pharmacy & nursing supply because our products are designed and tested with the help of professionals like you, assuring the solutions we create will solve your needs. For more information visit

S.E.A. Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately held medical device company dedicated to making intravenous (IV) drug delivery safer for patients. We are developing medical devices that catch serious or life-threatening intravenous drug errors before they harm patients.

Intravenous drug delivery is the most powerful route to administer drugs but when things go wrong, it has the most devastating consequences. “To Err Is Human”, a landmark study released in 20002, focused attention on the startling cost of medical error in patient injury and death and extra medical costs. It estimated that “7,000 people are killed in U.S. hospitals each year when they receive the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage”8. Medication errors are estimated to injure at least 1.5 million people every year and cost hospitals $3.5B in additional hospitalization costs1.

Adverse drug events (ADEs) cost large hospitals up to $5.6M per year; $10-20,000 additional medical cost per incident. Sixty-one percent of the most serious and life threatening potential medication errors are IV related and 58% of IV errors happen during drug administration11.

S.E.A. Medical is guided by the following principles:

  • respect for medical professionals and the complexity of their mission,
  • compassion for patients and their needless suffering from avoidable drug errors, and
  • determination to provide a system that improves safety while fitting elegantly with current practice and systems, to accurately detect and report IV drug errors before they harm patients.

These principles lead S.E.A. Medical to create solutions with the widest possible impact on patient safety throughout the medication preparation and administration process.
Support the cause by visiting their site at

Codonics, Inc.
The Codonics SLS Safe Label System is based upon the SmartLabels technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. The system was developed by anesthesiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital to prevent intravenous medication errors via bar-code assisted medication labeling. At the 2008 ASA Annual Meeting, the system was awarded the Ellison C. Pierce Award from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation for best scientific exhibit in patient safety. Visit them online at

At Catheter Connections, we develop innovative vascular access products that can protect patients from life-threatening infections during infusion therapy.

Our flagship, patent-pending product, DualCap™, safely disinfects all infusion access points — a major breakthrough for infection control. Designed by infusion nurses, DualCap can reduce the human variability associated with IV care and provides healthcare facilities with an easy to use, cost-effective technology that can help in the fight against catheter related blood stream infections. Visit them online at

The Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT) is a medical research organization, founded in 1984, dedicated to accelerating performance solutions that save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve and ventures we undertake. Our core values drive our behaviors and in turn drive our culture. TMIT applies the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) design principles of patient-centeredness, evidence-based medicine, and systems performance improvement.
To learn more about TMIT click here to visit

Since its establishment in 1990, PharmCon has been providing quality continuing education for the healthcare profession. Through the years, our focus has been on continuing education for physicians and pharmacists, working with the pharmaceutical industry, professional associations, and managed care organizations. Recently, our services have expanded to include physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses. Visit PharmCon’s site for more info.
PharmCon has generously offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from their “Emily’s Act: Impact on Public Safety and Medication Errors” continuing education program directly to The Emily Jerry Foundation.  In fact, they are flying Chris Jerry down to Miami, later this month to help produce a new updated version of this program that will include some narration from him directly about various aspects of Emily’s tragic story.
To sign up for this great course in support of The Emily Jerry Foundation click here.

Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) is a consumer-led nonprofit organization formed to be a collective voice for individuals, families and healers who wish to prevent harm in healthcare encounters through partnership and collaboration. CAPS is committed to exploring and contributing the wisdom and experience that consumers can offer to patient safety research, education of both consumers and providers, reporting of bad outcomes and near misses, development and implementation of solutions that can prevent harm, and policy making that will help create healthcare systems that are safe, compassionate and just.

For more info visit their website by clicking here.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), based in suburban Philadelphia, is the nation’s only 501c (3) nonprofit organization devoted entirely to medication error prevention and safe medication use. ISMP represents over 35 years of experience in helping healthcare practitioners keep patients safe, and continues to lead efforts to improve the medication use process. The organization is known and respected worldwide as the premier resource for impartial, timely, and accurate medication safety information.

To Learn more, click here to visit

When children have serious emergencies, medical staff must act quickly but not make critical mistakes that could kill. But with kids, mistakes are easy to make.

James Broselow MD and Robert Luten MD have dedicated their lives to helping doctors and nurses make the correct decisions quickly. Artemis is their latest innovation to improve care, increase treatment efficiency, and save lives.

To Learn more, click here to visit

Baxa Corporation

Baxa Corporation is honored to partner with the Emily Jerry Foundation. Baxa is a leading provider of innovative, solution-based technologies for delivering safe patient doses, especially intravenous doses. Its systems and devices promote the safe and efficient preparation, handling, packaging and administration of fluid medications.

Baxa offers the DoseEdge(r) Pharmacy Work Flow Manager, a software system intended to ensure that compounded IV doses contain all the right ingredients in the right amounts. Additional products automate the preparation of syringe-based doses as well as IV nutrition doses (TPN). Baxa Corporation is also a pioneer in the use of oral syringes for accurate measurement and safe delivery of oral liquid medications to neonates, children and older adults.

Additionally, Baxa supports continuing education for pharmacists and healthcare professionals at our STAR Center(r) (Skills Training Academics and Resources) training facility, as well as offering a complimentary educational webinar series.

For more information about Baxa Corporation visit us online at

On June 11th, my co-host Joni Aldrich and I, had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to interview Lucy Herd on our weekly radio show, Advocacy Heals U. Lucy is in the process of establishing this wonderful charity called Jack’s Rainbow in the United Kingdom, shortly after heartbreakingly losing her beautiful son Jack to a horrific unforeseen tragedy, that unfolded only two weeks before what was suppose to be his second birthday. In little Jack’s honor, Lucy is working so hard to establish her charity in the UK and in the process, is now accomplishing great things that truly bless so many other people that lose their loved ones unexpectedly. Please join The Emily Jerry Foundation in supporting her efforts, by considering contacting Lucy via her website and making donation to her very worthwhile cause.

KLAS Research

KLAS helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by reporting accurate, honest, and impartial vendor performance data. KLAS independently monitors vendor performance through the active participation of thousands of healthcare organizations. KLAS uses a stringent methodology to ensure all data and ratings are accurate, honest, and impartial. Discover the KLAS Difference.

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  • Nate & Katherine

    A Letter to My Children

    Dear Nate & Katherine,

    I truly love and miss, both of you, more than you will ever know! I am so incredibly sorry that you both have had to endure the loss of your baby sister, the death of your uncle, and the breakup of your family in such a short period of time. You both were the absolute best big brother and sister ever and I know how much you both must still hurt and miss her! I genuinely hope and pray that you find some comfort and that you both always know in your heart that little Emily is still watching over all of us!

    Click Here to Read the Full Letter...

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    The Emily Jerry Foundation is determined to help make our nation’s, world renowned, medical facilities safer for everyone, beginning with our babies and children. We are accomplishing this very important objective by focusing on increasing public awareness of key patient safety related issues and identifying technology and best practices that are proven to minimize the “human error” component of medicine. Through our ongoing efforts The Emily Jerry Foundation is working hard to save lives every day.

    Thank You So Very Much for Your Support! ~Chris Jerry

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