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We are very grateful for your continued support of our very important mission to help make our nation’s medical facilities safer for everyone, beginning with our babies and children. Your donations are not only put to good use they are essential to keep our organization moving forward with our very important programs that will have an immediate impact on your family’s safety in healthcare.

The Emily Jerry Foundation Objectives

  • To create an awareness around the fact that preventable medical errors have now been identified as the third leading cause of the death in the United States, with medication errors comprising the largest percentage of these avertable tragedies. Thus, making this a very important issue, one that impacts each and every one of us as Americans, due to the fact that we all receive healthcare.
  • To continue to have the Emily Jerry Foundation be an active part of the overall solution to preventable medical errors, through the active and ongoing collaboration with healthcare facilities, clinicians, and experts in the various modalities of healthcare, on key issues relating to patient and medication safety.
  • To encourage the modification of internal core systems, processes, and protocols in medicine, when “human error”, on the part of clinician/caregivers, has been clearly identified as a primary causal factor leading to the preventable harm of patients.
  • To create an awareness of the prevalence and alarming rate of medication errors, medical procedure mistakes and lack of reporting by hospitals, clinician, and healthcare providers.
  • To create extensive collaborative educational programs that benefit the entire healthcare community, government agencies, medical and pharmacy schools, professional organizations and the general public.
  • Help support, endorse, and work in a collaborative spirit, with medical equipment manufacturers that have clinically proven technology. In particular, with manufacturers and developers, of technology and systems, that have demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce the probability of the inherent “human error” component, on the part of well-intentioned clinicians, from creeping into the equation during the course of treatment for their patients. Then helping to assure the smart adoption and implementation of these proven technologies as a true standard of care for all patients.
  • Work with existing organizations dedicated to enhanced medical safety systems to promote awareness, education, legislation, etc.
  • Lobby to establish state and federal legislation that assures strict controls in professional training, education, testing, and professional code of ethics for pharmacy staff routinely engaged in sterile intravenous (IV) compounding, assuring optimal patient and medication safety for all.
  • Work for mandated error reporting systems within the entire healthcare industry where errors are reviewed, scrutinized and solutions are shared and implemented.
  • Create and implement a supportive counseling and therapeutic movement to assist those victimized and traumatized by preventable medical harm.
  • Develop collaborations with select organizations devoted to grief counseling.
  • Create a counseling program for healthcare practitioners that have been involved in, or responsible for, medical mistakes resulting from human error.
  • Create a strong collaborative association and ongoing partnership with various medical and pharmaceutical professional organizations.

Note from the President: On February 10, 2010 the Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status of the Emily Jerry Foundation was approved by the Federal Government. All donations to the foundation are officially tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support!

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