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Month: September 2012

Latest Speaking Engagements Draw Great Feedback

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at CareFusion’s Town Hall Meeting in San Diego which was a live webcast to all of their employees around the globe. This webcast was recorded and I should have a link to it soon. The following are a few of the comments we received on The Emily Jerry Foundation’s Facebook page shortly after the webcast:

“Hi, I work for CareFusion in Australia! I just heard you talk in a recording of our Town Hall Meeting. Thank you for sharing your story. I used to be a Peds Onc Nurse before I came to work at Alaris/CareFusion. The message you share is vital for everyone, all around the world. Thanks again!!!”

“Today..Emily’s dad spoke at our Town Hall.. about the medication error that led to her death… and how he is involved in making a difference in others’ lives… wow. What an amazing heart, to bring awareness to others, and to remind us that those who commit the error are also victims… wow..”

“Watched your video replay today from our CareFusion Townhall meeting. Thank you for your courage to pursue patient safety and your courage to tell your painful story. I know there are still many barriers to transparency and turning the Titanic, but with your help, we are another day closer. I am sorry for your loss of Emily and also the toll it took on your marriage and family. Praying God restores you and your family. You have a gift. Carry on and be strong. This world needs you to talk about medication errors.”

After the webcast Eric Cropp and I gave a lecture to the San Diego Patient Safety Council at CareFusion’s headquarters. Everything went extremely well!

Click here to read some local media coverage from the event as well as watch the video from the newscast.

Dr. Tim Vanderveen at CareFusion Sends Thoughtful Note About Our Recent Appearance in San Diego

We just received the following e-mail from Dr. Tim Vanderveen at CareFusion regarding our presentations the week before last in San Diego. I was very moved by it and wanted to share it with our supporters. Each and every presentation The Emily Jerry Foundation makes seems to leave a lasting imprint on the participants involved. We hope to continue to build momentum with great partners such as CareFusion.

Chris, Eric and Lisa,

On behalf of the 15,000 employees of CareFusion, I wanted to send you a note thanking you for participating in our Town Hall meeting. In addition to our San Diego based employees, your presentation on the tragedy of Emily’s death and the incredible efforts that your foundation is undertaking reminded all of our employees of why we do what we do as we focus on caregiver and patient safety. Just today as I was walking through our company cafeteria one of our maintenance staff stopped me to tell me how proud he was to work for a company that was focused on preventing the kind of errors that took Emily’s life.

I also want to pass on my thanks from our colleagues in the San Diego Patient Safety Council for the presentation by you and Eric. Again, nothing but positive feedback. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for both you and Eric to stand in front of so many people who you never met, and most likely will never see again, but have the courage to share the intimate details of the tragedy, blame, forgiveness, and the unique partnership you have created. I suspect everyone hearing your stories could not imagine being able to do what you are doing if God forbid they were to experience a similar tragedy.

We all send our best wishes and applaud your work and sharing your unique and powerful example of making the world a better place.