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Pennsylvania Passes Landmark Pharmacy Technician Legislation

In September of 2019, I spent some time in the state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, on behalf of the Emily Jerry Foundation. I was working with the Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists (PSHP) team of pharmacy experts,… Read More

Virtual Speaking Engagement with the University of South Carolina’s College of Pharmacy

I am so grateful to have opportunities like these! Yesterday’s virtual speaking engagement with the University of South Carolina’s College of Pharmacy went extremely well! We had over 200 students & faculty in attendance, including some who were… Read More

Virtual Keynote at Michigan State

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be able to give the virtual Keynote for the “Revolutionizing Patient Safety: Securing the Medication Supply Line Conference”, hosted by the Axia Institute/MSU, yesterday. A primary topic of conversation… Read More

Making Patient Safety Number One Priority

I’m really looking forward to this event, the week after next!! As I have mentioned many times before, I have always felt that it’s of vital importance, to try and help in any way we possibly can, to… Read More

Revolutionizing Patient Safety Event at Michigan State

Really looking forward to kicking off this very important event next week!!

The Real Cause of Preventable Medical Error

The good news is that countless lives can be saved, and so many senseless tragedies averted, if we are just willing to acknowledge the REAL cause of preventable medical error!! Repost from 9/20/2017…Many people will often ask me,… Read More

“Virtual” Keynote Address to the Florida Pharmacy Association

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like everyone else, I have been unable to travel this year. As a result, unfortunately, all of my lectures and presentations, that I had scheduled for the Emily Jerry Foundation this year, at… Read More

The Marathon Continues

Looking back, it all seems so surreal. Fourteen years ago, on March 1st 2006, my wife and I had to make the absolute worst decision of our lives. After multiple EEG’s showed little, to no, brain activity, we… Read More

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Emily!

Happy Birthday my sweet Emily! Even though it seems like I just took these pictures of you a few short years ago, today you would be 16 years old! As your daddy, you will always be my baby… Read More

Another Successful American Society for Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Meeting

Another Annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting has come and gone and this year seemed like a whirlwind trip jam packed with exciting info and activities. Every year the American Society for Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) hosts this incredible… Read More