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New Article Highlights Medi-Dose, Inc. & Emily Jerry Foundation Partnership

Last Friday, I found out that The Emily Jerry Foundation’s Guardian Angel Pediatric Safe Label Program and our partnership with Medi-Dose had the following article appear in Surgical Products Magazine. It seems that our important new program is off to a very good start!

Medi-Dose, Inc. / EPS, Inc. Partners With Emily Jerry Foundation For Pediatric Safety Initiative
Thu, 02/21/2013 – 1:44pm

Problem: Because of their small size, pediatric patients are particularly vulnerable to medication errors. An error that might have minimal effect to an adult could be catastrophic to a child.

Solution: To help promote awareness of this issue, Medi-Dose/EPS is working with the Emily Jerry Foundation to incorporate their Blue Angel warning logo into its MILT 3.0 software.

The Emily Jerry Foundation is determined to help make medical facilities safer for everyone, beginning with our babies and children. The foundation focuses on increasing public awareness of key patient safety related issues and identifying technology and best practices proven to minimize the “human error” component of medicine.

Read More at surgicalproductsmag.com

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