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Feedback from Pharmacy OneSource Webinar – July 27, 2011

It’s always exciting for a speaker to hear how his/her presentation was received by the audience. Below are some examples of feedback Pharmacy OneSource obtained from attendees after the free webinar:

“Very insightful. I highly appreciate both sides of the story and how you both have come through the pain to help others not have this occur. God bless you both. Thank you.”

“Excellent work. Continue to stress the systems aspect of patient safety.”

“Great topic to bring awareness… Stories are the best way to get people thinking and changing with regards to patient safety.”

“Great. Have heard Chris and Eric before but more details available today, which was very helpful.”
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Recommendation Letter from Sanford-Brown College

I was honored to be a guest lecturer to Sanford-Browns students on the Cleveland Clinic campus a little under a month ago. It is therapeutic for me to tell my story and know that I am taking action, and helping the cause so other parents never have to go through the struggle my family has.

Pharmacy Technology Program Director Kristen Kay Malacos and Christine Koch, President of Sanford-Brown were kind enough to write a recommendation letter on my behalf. I have posted it below:

Sanford-Brown College
July 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter expressing my personal recommendation for
Mr. Chris Jerry. Mr. Jerry has been an extremely beneficial
resource for my students, and has provided them with vital
information for preparing for a career in pharmacy technology.

On June 30th, 2011, my students were given the opportunity
to hear Mr. Jerry speak at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in
Cleveland, OH. My students and I were amazed with his story,
and impressed with his motivation, courage, and strong desire
to advocate for patient safety and patient caregivers. Since
his speech, I have noticed a huge difference in the determination
and focus of my students. Mr. Jerry’s compelling message has
inspired them to become better students, so eventually they can
become even better pharmacy technicians. Sanford-Brown College
is grateful for having been given the opportunity
to hear his powerful message.

I would highly recommend Mr. Jerry for a speaking engagement.
He gives an inspiring talk about forgiveness, compassion, and how
to turn a tragedy into an opportunity for change. Through his relentless
work on the Emily Jerry Foundation, he is also providing an outlet
for both caregivers and patients, who are victims of medication errors,
to tell their story and get support from the pharmacy community.
Mr. Jerry has been a huge benefit for future pharmacy technicians
from Sanford-Brown College, and I hope other pharmacy workers,
both future and current, can have this same opportunity.


Kristen Kay Malacos, Pharmacy Technology Program Director

Christine Koch, President

17535 Rosbough Drive, Suite 100 I Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
p: 440.239.9640 I f: 440.239.9648

To download a pdf of the recommendation letter click here.

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Chris Jerry to be Keynote Speaker at Patient Safety Summit – Philadelphia, PA

I am very proud to say that The Emily Jerry Foundation has just established a strong partnership with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP).  In fact, I was just asked by Michael Cohen, ISMP President, to be their keynote speaker at their upcoming Patient Safety Summit in Philadelphia on October 24th.  Eric Cropp will also be accompanying me and presenting at the summit as well.  Their website is

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Announcing: FREE Webinar! – July 27, 2011 – with Chris Jerry & Eric Cropp at

How a Fatal Medication Error Led to Patient Safety Advocacy

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 12, 2011 – Bellevue, Wash. – Wolters Kluwer Health announced today that Pharmacy OneSource, software-as-a-service provider of Quantifi, a medication error documentation and reporting tool, is hosting a complimentary webinar with Christopher Jerry and Eric Cropp on “The Emily Jerry Story.”

Learn how the tragic story of two-year old Emily Jerry’s untimely death from a medication error in Ohio in 2006 has positively impacted the entire patient safety movement. Emily’s father Christopher Jerry turned tragedy into triumph through the establishment of The Emily Jerry Foundation and the passage of “Emily’s Law” in Ohio in 2009. Hear the compelling story of how Cropp, the pharmacist involved in Emily’s death, and Jerry have teamed up in Emily’s honor in an effort to make medical facilities safer for everyone, especially our children!

The Emily Jerry Story
DATE: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
TIME: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

Read the entire news release here.

Register for the Webinar at

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Chris Jerry to Take Part in Patient Safety Lecture Sponsored by Summa Healthcare – August 17th – Akron City Hospital – 7:30am

I am excited to announce my participation in the upcoming patient safety lecture with Summa Healthcare on August 17th at Akron City Hospital’s Raymond C. Firestone Auditorium from 7:30 to 9:00am.  This lecture should be to a larger audience due to the fact it includes all of the caregivers from Summa Healthcare including physicians, interns, etc., in addition to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  Special thanks to Maria Giannakos, PharmD, BCPS, MBA of Summa Health System in Akron who has organized all of this.

More details to come as they are available.

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Follow Up to Speech Addressing Sanford-Brown Students on Cleveland Clinic Campus

My patient safety lecture went extremely well last week at the Cleveland Clinic. There were over 350 people in attendance including pharmacists & pharmacy technicians from the Cleveland Clinic and pharmacy technician students from Sanford-Brown College, which sponsored the event. We took a low budget video on my iphone and will be uploading edited clips shortly! The Emily Jerry Foundation is currently planning other talks at the Cleveland Clinic in the near future as well, so watch for announcements on this site.

I am humbled by all the special people that helped make this speech a reality. I’d especially like to convey a special thank you to Sanford Brown College for sponsoring this event, and to the Cleveland Clinic for graciously hosting us.

The following individuals were instrumental in the success and implementation of this worthwhile endeavor:

Kristen Malacos, Pharmacy Technology Program Director, for Sanford Brown College

Dr. Morton P. Goldman, System Director, Academic Affairs and International Business Development, Assistant Professor Department of Medicine CCLCM, Cleveland Clinic

Erin M. Ortiz Blanco, Pharmacy Technician Training Coordinator, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Shannon Connor Phillips, Quality Officer, Cleveland Clinic

A sincere Thank You to those listed above and to everyone else involved in the event! May this be the first of many more to come.

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  • Nate & Katherine

    A Letter to My Children

    Dear Nate & Katherine,

    I truly love and miss, both of you, more than you will ever know! I am so incredibly sorry that you both have had to endure the loss of your baby sister, the death of your uncle, and the breakup of your family in such a short period of time. You both were the absolute best big brother and sister ever and I know how much you both must still hurt and miss her! I genuinely hope and pray that you find some comfort and that you both always know in your heart that little Emily is still watching over all of us!

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    The Emily Jerry Foundation is determined to help make our nation’s, world renowned, medical facilities safer for everyone, beginning with our babies and children. We are accomplishing this very important objective by focusing on increasing public awareness of key patient safety related issues and identifying technology and best practices that are proven to minimize the “human error” component of medicine. Through our ongoing efforts The Emily Jerry Foundation is working hard to save lives every day.

    Thank You So Very Much for Your Support! ~Chris Jerry

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