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Recommendation Letter from Sanford-Brown College

I was honored to be a guest lecturer to Sanford-Browns students on the Cleveland Clinic campus a little under a month ago. It is therapeutic for me to tell my story and know that I am taking action, and helping the cause so other parents never have to go through the struggle my family has.

Pharmacy Technology Program Director Kristen Kay Malacos and Christine Koch, President of Sanford-Brown were kind enough to write a recommendation letter on my behalf. I have posted it below:

Sanford-Brown College
July 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter expressing my personal recommendation for
Mr. Chris Jerry. Mr. Jerry has been an extremely beneficial
resource for my students, and has provided them with vital
information for preparing for a career in pharmacy technology.

On June 30th, 2011, my students were given the opportunity
to hear Mr. Jerry speak at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in
Cleveland, OH. My students and I were amazed with his story,
and impressed with his motivation, courage, and strong desire
to advocate for patient safety and patient caregivers. Since
his speech, I have noticed a huge difference in the determination
and focus of my students. Mr. Jerry’s compelling message has
inspired them to become better students, so eventually they can
become even better pharmacy technicians. Sanford-Brown College
is grateful for having been given the opportunity
to hear his powerful message.

I would highly recommend Mr. Jerry for a speaking engagement.
He gives an inspiring talk about forgiveness, compassion, and how
to turn a tragedy into an opportunity for change. Through his relentless
work on the Emily Jerry Foundation, he is also providing an outlet
for both caregivers and patients, who are victims of medication errors,
to tell their story and get support from the pharmacy community.
Mr. Jerry has been a huge benefit for future pharmacy technicians
from Sanford-Brown College, and I hope other pharmacy workers,
both future and current, can have this same opportunity.


Kristen Kay Malacos, Pharmacy Technology Program Director

Christine Koch, President

17535 Rosbough Drive, Suite 100 I Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
p: 440.239.9640 I f: 440.239.9648

To download a pdf of the recommendation letter click here.

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