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Announcing a New Partnership Between The Emily Jerry Foundation and KLAS Research

I first became aware of KLAS when I gave a keynote at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
Annual Conference in Orlando, this past February. KLAS Research, based in Orem, Utah, has an extremely important mission statement; “Our mission is to improve healthcare technology delivery by honestly, accurately, and impartially measuring vendor performance for our provider partners”. Measuring the performance of your vendors is something that many firms drop the ball on, which is why specialists in the field are offering methods in suppliers performance management in order to avoid these issues as much as possible.

KLAS is an independent research firm based in Orem, Utah; established in 1996. KLAS is similar to Consumer Reports, only for Healthcare IT. They conduct over 30,000 interviews per year with healthcare providers to gain qualitative and quantitative data on over 1,000 healthcare IT products within 100+ healthcare IT market segments. They maintain an active database of rankings, performance scores, alerts and blogs to provide vendor transparency to providers on existing technologies.

Similarly, a very key part of The Emily Jerry Foundation’s mission statement is “identifying technology and best practices that are proven to minimize the human error component of medicine.” This is where I saw that both of our organization’s core goals and objectives are in perfect alignment, in striving to always be an active part of the solution to improving healthcare.

I was contacted by the KLAS team, a few months ago, as they were in the process of beginning research on a comprehensive study covering intravenous (IV) compounding technologies that are currently available from various manufacturers. It is absolutely imperative that this vital “life saving” technology be evaluated objectively in an unbiased manner. This is precisely what KLAS does and exactly why The Emily Jerry Foundation is looking forward to establishing a very long, mutually beneficial, relationship between our organizations!

Learn more at klasresearch.com

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