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Annual National Infusion Center Association (NICA) 2022 Conference in New Orleans

After the ASHP Meeting in Phoenix last week, I flew to New Orleans, where I was invited to speak at the Annual  2022 Conference.  I spoke about the vital importance of accreditation & setting standards, as it relates to always putting medication & patient safety first, for EVERY patient, at infusion therapy centers across the nation.

These types of facilities offer a wonderful service. They provide convenient and comfortable care in a much smaller clinical setting, giving them the ability to really focus on each patient individually, ensuring patients never feel like just a number.  In this way, these infusion therapy centers are providing extremely compassionate care, so their patients can receive their ongoing chemotherapy regimens and various other prescribed IV medications, from experienced nurse practitioners and a clinical team that they actually end up becoming well acquainted with during the course of their treatment, while at the same time, this takes the burden off the larger hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well…bottom line, the patients receive outstanding and, most of all, SAFE care at a much lower cost!!