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EJF Singled Out on Leanblog.org as "Making a Difference For Patient Safety"

We at the Emily Jerry Foundation are proud to announce a mention of our mission/organization by Mark Graban of Leanblog.org in a recent article titled “Some People Who Are Making a Difference for Patient Safety”. Leanblog is run by Mark and focuses on being “Lean in hospitals, business, and our world.” Being “Lean” refers to “The Toyota Way” management system, which has two parts: 1.) Eliminate waste and non-value-added activity (NVA) through continuous improvement, 2.) Practice respect for people. The article highlights three deserving foundations that are making an impact by trying to turn tragedy into triumph. The Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation and The Josie King Foundation join the Emily Jerry Foundation on this list of patient safety advocates that are working to eliminate preventable medical errors. We are thankful for people like Mark who are attempting to shed light on organizations such as ours. I am also excited to have been asked to join Mark as a guest on one of his upcoming podcasts!

Click here to read the full article titled “Some People Who Are Making a Difference for Patient Safety” on Leanblog.org

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