22 Jun
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Emily’s Story featured on Mark Graban’s LeanBlog.org Podcast


I was very fortunate to have recently been invited onto Mark Graban’s LeanBlog.org Podcast to tell Emily’s tragic story. Each of these interviews are vitally important because of the great opportunity to reach a new audience that may potentially include an influencer or two who can drive major change. Emily’s story speaks for itself and the work we continue to do on a daily basis is SAVING LIVES. I am honored to be able to continue the fight for a reduction of the human error component of medicine through technology and best practices. Mark’s blog is a great place to learn innovative information about what those best practices are. I can’t wait to join his podcast again in the near future. Thanks Mark for your passion and grace! And a big thank you in advance to Emily’s Army (that’s YOU my dear readers!) for sharing this interview and especially Mark’s blog, which is jam-packed with engaging material. Let’s keep pressing on toward the goal together!

Click here to listen to my interview on the LeanBlog.org Podcast


Chris, thanks for being my guest and sharing the story. I will release “Part 2” of our discussion within a few weeks. The link will be posted on the main podcast page at http://www.leancast.org.

Thank you for your advocacy and efforts to help others.

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