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Great Feedback from OSU speech on Nov. 21

I received the following very nice note from Ken Hale at OSU’s Pharmacy department and wanted to share some of the awesome comments our engagement received from students…

Hi Chris.

One of our faculty members, Bonnie Spiers, collected reflections from our pharmacy students who attended your program at Ohio State on November 21st. I found their feedback to be very thoughtful and encouraging. I thought you might like to see a few specific comments:

“This lecture was beyond beneficial to my future career as a pharmacist. I will take the things I learned through this program and keep them in my mind for the rest of my life as a health care provider.”

“This talk was extremely moving. It changes how I view my future career as a pharmacist”

“This is one event that was especially touching, and I know I will carry it with me throughout my career. It opened my eyes to realizing each medication is for a person, and each person is loved.”

“This lecture was one of the most interesting, inspiring, and heartfelt events that I have ever experienced.”

“This event was extremely unique, and seeing the two of them together (Chris Jerry and Eric Cropp) advocating for safety and awareness was inspiring.”

“I loved this lecture! The College of Pharmacy should do this every year.”

So, as you can see, it seems you achieved your goals in speaking with these future health professionals.

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