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Healthcare IT News: Learning from errors to ensure accurate medication delivery

I was very excited to be interviewed by Healthcare IT News regarding my upcoming appearance at the HIMSS 14 Conference in Orlando, Florida. An excerpt of the article is below, along with a link to the full text. Please take a moment to check it out!

Learning from errors to ensure accurate medication delivery

Healthcare system designers who ever feel the need to be reminded on why their work is essential need only spend a few minutes with Chris Jerry.

He was a veteran of the healthcare technology world, with more than 10 years experience as a sales manager of medical devices, when doctors discovered a large yolk sac tumor in his eighteen-month-old daughter, Emily. Jerry’s confidence in medicine was rewarded for a time. A series of surgeries and chemotherapy sessions were successful in removing the tumor and Emily was close to a full recovery.

But on what should have been Emily’s last day of chemotherapy, the hospital’s EHR system went down, starting a chain reaction of preventable errors…

Read the full article at HealthcareITNews.com.

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