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Christopher Jerry to give Keynote at Inaugural Pacific Coast Patient Safety Conference

I’m really looking forward to heading to California next month, feeling extremely blessed & privileged to have been asked to give a keynote at the upcoming inaugural Pacific Coast Patient Safety Conference!

To learn more about this wonderful event being hosted for all modalities, including front line nursing, pharmacy, medical professionals & leaders, etc., by the California Society of Health – System Pharmacists (CSHP) and the Chapman University School of Pharmacy (CUSP), just click on the following link: https://www.cshp.org/page/pcpsc_2022


EJF Invited to National Infusion Center Association (NICA) Upcoming Annual Conference in New Orleans

Really looking forward to speaking at the National Infusion Center Association (NICA)’s upcoming annual conference in New Orleans June 17th and 18th. If you’re attending, I look forward to connecting with you! #NICA2022

Emily Jerry Foundation Presentation at BD Leadership Summit in Las Vegas

Just got home last night from the BD GCS Leadership Summit that was held this past week in Las Vegas, it was a great event.  I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share Emily’s story and all the important lessons that have been learned since her tragic death in 2006 from a sterile IV compounding error.  After my presentation, which was very well received, I was extremely grateful for the individual conversations that I was able to have throughout the day with all the wonderful people from BD that were in attendance from around globe.  Everyone I spoke with was eager to talk about the Emily Jerry Foundation and our programming, however I was pleased to see that they seemed especially interested in our National Pharmacy Technician Initiative & Interactive Scorecard.  They were very enthusiastic, about finding ways in which we will work together going forward to improve the grades in the different states in their regions. I truly felt like we were all on the same page, all of us, understanding and agreeing, that this is an enormous public safety issue, and by improving individual state scores, we can immediately make the residents of those states safer together, ultimately saving countless lives!

I’ve always said, had the facility where Emily died, had simple barcode verification technology implemented in their workflow, that horrible day the pharmacy technician made the compounding error, my little girl would still be with us today.  As I recently mentioned, in an editorial I co-authored in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacists, the use of barcode technology is widespread at retail checkout counters, yet sadly, the technology is only being used in one-third of healthcare facilities preparing medications going directly into a patient’s circulatory system. This is exactly why I feel so strongly that IV workflow systems save lives and that systems like BD’s Pyxis IV Prep, absolutely MUST become a standard of care, as soon as possible.  This is a vital issue that affects each and every one of us, and more importantly, all of our loved ones, due to the simple fact that we ALL receive healthcare during the course of our lifetime!

Emily Jerry Foundation Featured on WeInfuse Podcast

I was grateful to have been given this opportunity to share my daughter Emily’s story, the valuable lessons learned from her preventable medication error, and the vital mission of the Emily Jerry Foundation, in this WeInfuse podcast I did earlier this week.

“Always stay vigilant and proactive about where human error could creep into your pharmacy and clinical workflow. Never lose sight of the human side of your process. That patient is someone’s child, mother, – take 20 seconds to pause and stay focused”
– Christopher Jerry – The Emily Jerry Foundation

Thank you Chris for sharing your story and your mission on our WeInfuse podcast. Your story is inspiring and we share your mission to reduce and eliminate the human side of medication errors.

Listen now: https://weinfuse.podbean.com/e/episode-48-how-to-prevent-medication-errors-with-chris-jerry-of-the-emily-jerry-foundation/

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson

The Emily Jerry Legacy: Hope in Action – FreeCE

In May of 2011, five years after my daughter Emily’s tragic death, and shortly after his release from jail, I was blessed with the opportunity to publicly forgive Eric Cropp.  I have always felt that, if we were going to prevent what happened to my daughter, from happening to others, then the focus needed to be put back on fixing the broken systems, processes, and protocols, that enable these types of tragedies to occur in hospitals in the first place. To that point, when the focus is put on implementing punitive measures, vilifying those involved, and even criminalizing the medical error, then many of the key contributing factors often get overlooked and do not get addressed at all, such as those that set Eric and the pharmacy technician up for failure that horrible day.  With these thoughts in mind, I believe that if we are truly going to save lives from preventable medication errors, we must accept the fact that ALL humans are fallible and capable of making a very “human error,” and design systems around that fact.

If you are a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or a nurse, I encourage you to please consider registering at freeCE and joining our host Kevin HopeEric Cropp, and I this evening!

Emily’s Story Lives on Many Years Later

Three years ago, on February 22nd 2019, I was almost killed by a Mack truck that ran a red light and broadsided the driver’s side of my car.  I still have injuries I’m being treated for, but it’s only by God’s grace, that I even survived the accident!  In fact, tomorrow, which happens to be my daughter Emily’s birthday, I’m scheduled to have back surgery.  So yesterday, as I was preparing for my upcoming hospital stay, and just before my board meeting for the Emily Jerry Foundation, I felt so grateful and blessed to receive this very kind email correspondence.  God’s timing is always perfect! The mere fact that Emily’s legacy continues to live on in the hearts and minds of so many, truly means a lot to me!


My name is Gracie. I am a care assistant at a Children’s Hospital in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I just heard about Emily’s story from a module we were asked to watch for work. I know that a tough time of year is coming up for you and your family in this next week, so I wanted to reach out to tell you that her story is still being heard and impacting people around the world!

Thank you for sharing about your beautiful daughter. I know she is so proud of how her family is remembering her!

I will be praying for Emily, as well as you and your family this week!

From, Gracie

Christopher Jerry Discusses Meaningful Solutions to Preventable Medical Errors During freeCE Webinar on Januray 26

Over the past decade, I have had the great privilege of collaborating and learning from so many of the leading experts in the various modalities in healthcare. This is why I am really looking forward to the upcoming in-depth conversation I’ll be having with pharmacist Kevin Hope, from freeCE on Wednesday, January 26th. We will be discussing the important issue of preventable medication errors, like the one that took my two year old daughter Emily in 2006, and the valuable lessons learned. More importantly though, we will be focusing on the comprehensive solutions that help stop these types of tragedies before they happen. Please consider joining us if your able!

To learn more about the Emily Jerry Foundation, please visit:

If your considering making a tax-deductible donation to support our ongoing efforts to save lives from preventable medical error:


Chris Jerry Gives Virtual Presentation on Preventable Medical Error at Becton Dickinson’s (BD) U.S. Regional Leadership Meeting

On behalf of the Emily Jerry Foundation, I had the great privilege of being able to give a virtual presentation on preventable medical error at Becton Dickinson’s (BD) U.S. Regional Leadership Meeting last week.  As I always do, I felt very grateful to have the opportunity to share many of the personal details surrounding my daughter Emily’s tragic passing. It’s important to me because her legacy, plus the simple fact that we ALL receive healthcare during our lifetime, helps people to truly relate and learn from the important lessons associated with the horrible medication error that took her life in 2006.

I also had a chance to convey a very important message.  It was simply that BD’s systems & solutions, are not only improving and impacting the quality of care, for so many patients around the world, they are also helping to save countless lives from preventable medical error too. To that point, even though there are many, I used their Pyxis IV Prep System as a very clear example.  It’s designed to help assist in eliminating the probability of “human error” from creeping into the sterile IV compounding process.  With its integrated barcode verification, gravimetric technology, ability to immediately detect errors, etc., this IV workflow system, not only would have saved my beautiful daughter Emily’s life…going forward, upon implementation, it stands to save so many others as well. Bottom line, these types of IV workflow systems, are as important to overall medication safety, in the sterile IV compounding process, as seatbelts & airbags are to safety in cars!

I would like to genuinely thank Tracie AdamsBD‘s Vice President of Marketing, for inviting me to speak and providing this wonderful opportunity!

During these very trying times that we are all striving to emerge from, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Emily Jerry Foundation this holiday season.  Your gift, no matter how big, or how small, will be greatly appreciated.  It will help our foundation to be able to continue working on behalf of you and your family, constantly striving to improve medication safety and supporting our ongoing mission to make healthcare safer for everyone, ultimately saving lives from preventable medical error!

To make a tax-deductible donation today visit our donate page.

Inspiring Correspondence From Recent Speaking Engagements

Receiving correspondence like this, over the past few weeks, is not only an immense blessing for me personally, it’s further confirmation that Emily’s legacy continues to live on in so many positive ways!! She’s certainly not being forgotten, and she’s changing countless lives in so many positive ways!!

Mr. Jerry,

I first met you many years ago when you traveled to Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio to share your tragic story. As a young caregiver, that had a profound impact on me in how I approached my patients. I promised myself that if God ever placed me in a position of leadership, I would share your story as we addressed policy and change in our journey to becoming a highly reliable organization. Since then, I’ve had that opportunity many times. Thank you! Blessings!

Chris B.


My name is Audra Whitton, and I’m a nurse as well as an educator for nursing students. I discovered your foundation while researching
medication errors during one of my master’s projects, and I’ve been so impressed by the work you do. As a pediatric nurse, Emily’s story breaks my heart, but it’s been inspiring to see how you took that awful situation and turned it into so much good for other people.

I thought you might like to know that I’ve included Emily’s pictures in a PowerPoint for my junior nursing students on safe medication administration. I like for them to see the faces of individuals whose lives were forever changed (and, in some cases, tragically ended) by medication errors – not to scare them, but to make them more cautious when they start giving medication.

Basically, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for all you do; it’s so important to look at systems change and how we can make medical care safer for everyone.

Audra W., MSN, RN

New Documentary “Never Events” Puts Patient Safety into Spotlight

I am very pleased to say that my friend, Angela Rei Asatrian, has formally released her very important documentary called “Never Events.” Right after my daughter Emily’s tragic death, from a medication error in 2006, I really thought what had happened to her, had to have been a remote possibility, or a freak accident. Many people today, have the same kind of sentiments I did initially, that these types of medical errors are a very rare occurrence, and are completely unaware that preventable medical error has now been identified as the third leading cause of death in the United States. This makes it an issue that affects each and every one of us, as well as, our loved ones, simply due to the fact that we ALL receive healthcare during the course of our lifetime.

This documentary really goes in depth, in terms of highlighting stories, like my daughter Emily’s, and the clinician/caregivers that have been involved in preventable medical harm. In addition, you will hear about the valuable “lessons learned,” and the thoughts and opinions related to these stories, from some of the leading experts in healthcare and patient safety.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend watching it this weekend!


Available on: Amazon, iTunes, AppleTV, Google Play, Microsoft, etc.