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Kind Words on Our Work from Anonymous Healthcare Provider

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I consider my very unconventional career path, since my daughter Emily’s tragic passing in 2006, to be my true calling & my life’s work. Something I take very seriously every single day and always will. That said, naturally, sometimes I begin “hyper self-evaluating” and doubting the efficacy of my day-to-day efforts to help improve patient & medication safety overall…asking myself the same proverbial question, over and over again, “Am I really making a difference?” Every single time I have begun going down that path (more often than I would like to admit), I have been so incredibly blessed and encouraged over the years to receive such kind correspondence like this…a great reminder where I absolutely must keep my focus going forward…

“Chris, your courage to continue advocating for a system that failed your daughter years ago is admirable. I was not part of that particular system that failed Emily that day but I am part of the healthcare system and I have made mistakes and failed. I’ve heard your story many times and the main thing that stands out to me is your forgiveness. My heart sinks every time I hear what happened to Emily, my heart sinks every time I hear what happened to the pharmacist, but all I can think about when I hear about your forgiveness to the system and the pharmacist is Jesus. Only Jesus. You have taken a tragedy and saved many, many lives through your pain. You have been brave in your suffering. We need more people like you out there to help make us better. We could all live in the coulda, woulda, shoulda, but you are an example to so many to take what you have learned through a tragedy to ensure it never happens again. I know so many of us are thankful for your heart and your mission.

We can be better. We have to fight the fight and become safer for our patients. We have to be fully equipped to do our jobs to the best of our abilities each and every day.”

~Anonymous Healthcare Provider