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Pharmcon October 5, 2011 Webinar Feedback

Below are some comments we received from attendees to our webinar that took place the morning of October 5, 2011. It seems we are truly making an impact with these presentations. I am very thankful for the opportunity, as well as for all those who took part in the event that provided feedback – both positive and negative. The positive feedback reinforces my drive to spread the message, while negative feedback usually provides constructive criticism which can be used to present a better and more effective delivery in the future. Thank You once again to PharmCon!


It’s difficult when the law is one way but the employer choses to ignore the law because the “front line” is who gets in trouble, not the “desk jockeys”. Certification may be mandated, but that’s not necessarily what you get.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this presentation but I thought the topic was very interesting. I think it was very well done and it’s great that Mr Jerry was able to participate and that there was info on the foundation and Second victims.

Great presentation.

Again, thank you for the enlightening presentation of Fate, Destiny: Life I am awakened to the power of patient safety, responsibility and personal healing. The sharing of those involved brought a smile to my face and a dance within my soul. Thank you.

Tragic situation for all parties involved. Shouldn’t the OH State Board of Pharmacy had some responsibility as well in the fact they did notm, at the time of the incident, regulate pharmacy technician?


I think Eric Cropp was treated rather badley it was an error that any one could have done, the tech here was not focused on what she was doing also concentrated solutuons should be kept away from IV preperation areas seperated bins locked. The days we all come home from work with no errors are the best days

I saw the original webinar also. Wow, what a powerful, emotional story. Thanks!


Best presentation in all respects that I have seen. Thank you.

Nice follow up to the other CE

Excellent program

2 ce programs please

Seemed very biased towards the pharmacist.

A Pharmacist must learn to prioritize tasks and not allow themselves to be rushed. Put a person with the name and think about the condition(s) being treated and how an error could affect the patient and family. If an error is made take ownership and responsibility for it and offer sincere apology for any potential negative outcome(s).

a sad and emotional situation for all involved

Very good presentation

great presentation

This is a very powerful story. It made me cry..

wow, how sobering

thank you

Very important topic medication error and the end results.

This is a story that needed to be told. Very informative and inspiring.

Excellent presentation!

excellent webinar !! It had a lot of information to think about!!

Its all about focus, staying aware that what we do isn’t just a list of tasks but a person at the receiving end of our work. Over worked and under staffing is becoming a broader issue and projects errors such as this horrific one.

This could have been avoided if basic safety procedures were instituted as policy in the hospital & followed to the letter.

This was one of the best CE’s I have ever participated in, and certainly the first time a CE has brought me to tears. The gravity of what we as pharmacists do everyday is huge, and we can not forget the human element of our job. Thank you so much for presenting this moving and informative CE. God bless Mr Jerry and Eric, as you will both be in my prayers.

this should be mandatory for every health care provider


This was a wonderful CE. Thank you very much for putting everything you have out there to educate as on something that we have the potential of dealing with.

this is a very eye opening lesson that if we do not Love God above all, we can be doomed to such tragedy, that will humble us, for Eric, he loved his profession so much more than God. Mr Jerry’s Family was given the hardest test, but thank God he learned to forgive. They are characters in the story so we may all learn.


Excellent presentation- we all needed the reminder

Very moving! Thank you

My thanks to Mr. Cropp and Mr. Jerry for sharing such a painful time in both their lives. Their willingness to do so may protect many, many “Emilys” in the future.

A nearly identical error happened at our hospital in north carolina. Thank goodness the pharmacist, one of our best, did not go through anything comparable. The board just focused on making sure the hospital put into place systems that would prevent another error. We are still understaffed, though.

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