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South Carolina follows in Florida's footsteps, Attempts to Increase Pharmacy Tech to Pharmacist Ratios Despite the Risks

After taking the fight to Florida only weeks ago over their harmful new proposed legislation SB 818 to increase the approved ratio of pharmacy technicians to licensed pharmacists, similar legislation is also under consideration in South Carolina. The South Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act if passed would increase the same ratio, as well as discontinue the current requirement for Live Continuing Education for pharmacists and pharmacy techs in that state. As you are all well aware, I am adamantly opposed to any type of such legislation and am attempting to wage a small war against these practices. I wrote the following letter to Senator Shane Martin of South Carolina’s 13th District. The stated goal and actionable practice of the Emily Jerry Foundation is to give each and every person we come in contact with respect and the benefit of the doubt upon first beginning a correspondence or personal relationship. Our purpose is to save lives, and we feel tactics that are too aggressive and hot-tempered mostly result in a lose-lose situation. My personal view is that the vast majority of politicians obviously care about the safety of their constituents or they wouldn’t have chosen public service as a way of life. That is why I am so urgently attempting to educate them, and hopefully help them realize that the policies they are pushing may actually be leading to more harm than good. Please help me get through to them! Contact your friends in the state of South Carolina and have them email or call their representatives today.

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