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Announcing New Collaborative Partnership Between the Emily Jerry Foundation and The Intelligent Hospital

The Emily Jerry Foundation will be honored at the upcoming Intelligent Hospital Pavilion held within the Health Information Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual meeting in Orlando, Florida February 23 through 27. I am excited to be giving the keynote speech at this conference at 8:00am on February 23rd to kick off the event, while the awards ceremony will be held on February 24th (which is Emily’s birthday). Each year, the Intelligent Hospital brings together cutting edge technology companies to create a temporary hospital environment to help raise the level of awareness and to educate the healthcare industry on the many applications these technologies serve. Visitors to the pavilion see first-hand how these technologies are able to deliver real time data from the patient’s bedside to the clinicians smart mobile devices, thus providing care givers with real time visibility of people, assets, and processes. When properly implemented, these systems can have a tremendous impact on patient safety and on the quality of care delivered, while at the same time, reducing overall operating expenses.

“The EJF and Intelligent Hospital share similar missions in that we both aim to save lives every day and improve the health care delivery system in America and around the world. To do this we must acknowledge the fallibility of humans, despite the best intentions. Given enough chances, anyone can make a mistake that will harm someone; it’s not a question of if, but when. Let’s get beyond the blame game, learn from our preventable mistakes, and design and implement robust systems to prevent them from happening ever again.” Chris Jerry, CEO & President of the Emily Jerry Foundation.

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