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Pennsylvania Passes Landmark Pharmacy Technician Legislation

In September of 2019, I spent some time in the state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, on behalf of the Emily Jerry Foundation. I was working with the Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists (PSHP) team of pharmacy experts, helping them to educate their state legislators on how vitally important it was, that the proposed House Bill 770, relating to pharmacy technicians in their state, get passed.

That’s why this past Monday, I was absolutely elated to hear the outstanding news that their Governor, Tom Wolf, had actually signed into law this essential piece of legislation! It provides requirements for pharmacy technician registration and covers various aspects of training and oversight by Pennsylvania’s state board of pharmacy.

Pharmacy technicians play such a crucial role in overall medication safety, and legislation like this will definitely help to elevate the practice throughout the state. I am very pleased to be able to say, that’s exactly what happened when Emily’s Law (Senate Bill 203) was passed, here in Ohio, in 2009!