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PharmCon Webinar: September 8th – Emily's Act: Impact on Public Safety and Medication Errors Feedback

Last Week, I had the pleasure of performing another Continuing Education webinar with PharmCon. To view the webinar click on this link for FreeCe.com. The following are a list of comments and feedback we received on the event. Lots of great feedback and kind comments. I truly appreciate all the acknowledgements and am excited my story is helping to make a difference!

The following are results from a post-webinar survey…

– 84% of participants rated the Webinar Excellent overall
– 84% of participants rated the content Excellent
– 78% of participants rated the content to be Educational vs. Commercially biased
– 70% of participants thought it was rational to pass Emily’s Act in Ohio
– 68% of participants thought Emily’s Act had  a positive impact on Pharmacy Techs

Here are some raw comments from participants in the web chat after the webinar was completed:

alexplee : thank you…
louielou2002 : Thank you!!!
jets1fan : Best and most important CE you will ever do
swhite53 : First of all, my sincere sympathy extented to both parents for the loss and I hope that the discussions of this tragedy results in measures being implimented to avoid repeat of such incidents.Although this occurred in hospital practice i hope this discourages the practice in retail pharmacy that seems to promote handling pharmacy dispensing like a fast food restaurant. Thank you Mr. Jerry for the support of theR.Ph.involved and for pharmacy.
plsummerfield : Thank you for your rational reaction to such an emotional event, Mr Jerry.
tamanhle : thankyou for the great lesson
kljansen : God is smiling down on you and your family.
espoba : Excellent program. My heart goes out to the Jerry family and I am glad to see Mr. Jerry turning this tragedy into something that will benefit many children, patients, and pharmacists.
figueredofamily : amazing man what a heart of forgivness
Moderator Hollywww.emilyjerryfoundation.org
kljansen : Thank you so much for tuning in Mr. Jerry. Best program I have participated in!
Moderator Hollywww.emiltjerryfoundation.org
copperfox04 : i agree, best program ever
jmathewrx : God Bless you and your family!
KierstenRxTN : Best program ever! Really made me think and will be sharing with my staff.
brandall : when the father found out this rph committed numerous other “documented” errors, didn’t he believe this rph was inexcusable?
RXGODESS : He’s right, dwelling on tragedy serves no purpuse.
cyndi.beagan@gmail.com : I agree, Mr. Jerry is doing more for the betterment of medical safety than I would ever expect. He truly is a lightning rod for us
leighannwills : Mr Jerry has a wonderful heart! I say a prayer every time I go to work and would hope there are more people out there like him. My heart goes out to their family.
theninjacreeper : i wish hospital administrators had to go through these types of med error CEs
pharmergirl : Thanks for tuning in Mr. Jerry, our hearts go out to you and will affect our work ethic!
kitu_patel1 : thank you
pharmdman : doug105, employers take advantage of regulations that make it possible for state licensed employees (think doctors, lawyers) who don’t WANT to take a lunch to skip it. The employers twist that to say, “we’re not required to GIVE you one”
FRCCM : I think the pursuit of this RPh caused the subsequent mistakes.
hockeytonkman : I truly admire you for turning this tragedy into a positive issue in the name of your sweet daughter
docpharm : Mr Jerry- has your wife’s opinion of the pharmacist changed ?
Kent_Berry : Overly broad laws which allow lots of prosecutorial discretion are a huge problem. Don’t look for a DA to do the right thing anytime soon.
copperfox04 : @ ntran: so would i
kljansen : Thank you for your continuing efforts on such a huge problem
rosaki : I appreciate that Mr. Jerry is helping and advocating for the medical community.
sadie22 : What a great guy! He is making positive energy…
sadie22 : What a great guy! He is making positive energy…
dhshort : Wow
jimitajoh : More regulation will stop accident’s like this.
tljordan82 : @doug 105 i take a break every shift i work, its required by law therefore its my right unless i refuse to go
Eguadalupe67 : Was the hospital charged with anything?
bbruns1 : Mr Jerry – you are truly righteous
crackerfeet : there will be no regulations to make pharmacy safer because corporations control all of politics with their deep pockets and slick lobbyists
ntran : i’d feel hesitate to contact the family during their mourning time. i’d think they’d be angry to hear from me
jmathewrx : Does jerry think pharmacists should work 12 hours shifts without a break?
kljansen : Wow! Why can’t more people be like Mr. Jerry You are amazing
tljordan82 : maybe he should of reduced his hours becasue i know this caoused stress for his life in addtion to the job stress factors
doug105 : pharmacists dont even get lunch breaks!! really! in this day and age!
bhasegaw : Mr Chris J–doing more to prevent errors than anyone else in this whole thing.
allthings1973@yahoo.com : Emily’s death was tragic, and my heart goes out to the family. I probably would have reacted in the same manner as the mother if I did not understand what pharmacists go through. Hold technicians just as accountable as pharmacists! I’ve heard a technician laughing when a pharmacist was reprimanded due to possible sabotage by this technician. This is ridiculous!
dorelsuboni : thank you Mr. Jerry
tljordan82 : he should of reported he other mistakes made after Emily’s death instead of leaving them undocumented. it looks as though he didnt learn from his mistake or care.
copperfox04 : i’ve worked at 4 different retail stores and they are all the same. they need regulations
jets1fan : FRCCM is right. Mr. Jerry is very dignified. I’m sure Emily is proud of him.
Ab124amb : It is a tragedy for all involved. We really have to put our foot down where our employer or work environment is concerned.

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