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Testimonial from Summa Healthcare Regarding Last Week's Lecture

I received a very kind letter from Summa Healthcare’s Maria Giannakos regarding last week’s lecture. I wanted to share it with you all.

When I first contacted Christopher Jerry this past spring, my intent was a simple note of support and appreciation. Much time had passed since I had first wanted to contact him, but as both a new mom and a healthcare worker, I could not wait any longer.

When I first heard about Emily’s story years ago, I was a recent pharmacy school graduate and was finishing up my residency. From then on, I watched with sadness for the loss of a life, frustration with the focus on an individual rather than a process, and fear as the story of the tragedy unfolded and then landed in a courtroom. The fear I felt was shared by several colleagues, including pharmacists, physicians, and nurses, for we understood the precedent that was now set and the ramifications the verdict brought. The strides that had been made in error-reporting, open discussion of errors, and systemic analyses were left very vulnerable. There was hesitancy in the broader medical community to discuss errors, or even “near misses”, for fear of losing a job, license, or going to jail.

The compelling story of Mr. Jerry and Mr. Cropp joining together sends a powerful message against criminalization of medical errors and the negative impact on patient safety. The two courageous men share their individual perspectives about the same tragedy, and the effect all of us can have on patient safety. I wanted their message to reach as many people as it possibly could, which was my goal in asking Mr. Jerry and Mr. Cropp to speak at Summa Health System to an audience of healthcare workers, administrators, and patients. Listening to their story is an emotional and inspirational journey, one that provides hope and instills reflection. Based on audience feedback, Mr. Jerry and Mr. Cropp left our community with a deep respect, appreciation, and sense of empowerment.

Thank you for all of your efforts and contributions to improving patient safety.

Maria Giannakos, PharmD, BCPS, MBA
Clinical Lead, Internal Medicine | Pharmacy Services | Summa Health System
525 E. Market Street | Akron, OH 44309 | Phone 330-375-3164 | Fax 330-375-7622

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