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The Emily Jerry Foundation and ARxIUM Partner to Develop Children’s Hospital Consortium to Eliminate IV Compounding Errors by 2021!

“Can your facility really afford to NOT be 100% accurate with EVERY single IV medication preparation?”

Weight-based dosing of any medication has always been a primary concern for the pediatric patient population. This is especially true with the tiniest of babies coming into this world weighing as little as 400 grams. Unfortunately, due to their variability in weight, it also makes them the most vulnerable patient population for tragic preventable medication errors. This is why the accuracy of the compounded sterile IV (intravenous) medications can be a matter of life and death for babies and children, and also exactly why ACCURACY means absolutely EVERYTHING when it comes to the preparation of each and every vital medication in the hospital pharmacy.

With all of this said, I am so very pleased to announce this exciting new partnership between the Emily Jerry Foundation and ARxIUM (www.ARxIUM.com). Through this partnership we are committed to eliminating IV compounding errors by 2021 by implementing available clinically proven technologies that produce safe and accurate medications and improve internal processes and training for pharmacy staff.

You can learn more about this new life-saving medication safety initiative that is currently being developed by the Emily Jerry Foundation and ARxIUM by reading this press release.



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