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IV Automation Technology Coalition Meets with Legislators in Washington D.C.

The IV Automation Technology Coalition, that I have been a part of for the past 3 years, had yet another very productive trip to Washington D.C.! Yesterday, we met with the FDA, in Silver Springs, Maryland. Today, we spent the entire morning, meeting with legislators on Capitol Hill. Even though it was a great trip, and I’m very pleased to say that we accomplished a lot, I’m definitely looking forward to getting home…😊

One Comment on “IV Automation Technology Coalition Meets with Legislators in Washington D.C.

  1. You do not have permission to associate my name or any identifying information to this comment. Wow I am so glad that you are taking up this cause. I have talked with friends on this situation in Pennsylvania. I am currently working as a pharmacy technician here. I recently gave up my national certification because it is not a financially sound use of my time. Prior to March I was certified. With cost of reapplying every 2 years, the cost of spending 22+ hours spent on continuing education, and the cost of time spent finding free CE’s that I had never used I just gave it up. Moral is at an all time low in our industry. The employee turnover rate is high due to low wages, acute stress, lack of respect from customers, inadequate staffing….. I admire the technicians that are working in hospitals that prepare parentals, that was too scary for me because I knew that one mistake could be disastrous. I pursued training to find a part time job when it was no longer necessary for me to stay at home for child rearing. 12+ years ago. I really didn’t mind the low wages because my husband was the bread winner. I liked being able to help people and it was a clean environment with good quality employees. After 11+ years with one steady employer I admit I had hoped to earn as much as the people that work at my local grocery store. I don’t. I walk past the sign that says they are hiring starting at $12-16 an hour often. We went from a small store that always had 1 pharmacist on duty and 2 technicians and sometimes cashier manning 5 phone lines, drop off window, RX pick up at 2 registers down to a larger store being manned by 1 pharmacist and 1 technician with a little overlap manning the same plus having one drop off lane and another pickup lane in drive thru. Retail pharmacy will become a thing of the past without intervention. Pharmacy benefit managers are making too much with little oversight into how prices are determined. We actually lose money on some scripts that get dispensed using discount cards. If more money came to the pharmacy, minimum staffing requirements were made mandatory, along with education requirements that are done outside the company ( PTCB test was much more thorough than the one our company had us do and the company training was nowhere near as thorough) things should improve. Just for reference passing score for PTCB was 650 my lowest score was 738 and that was Admin. Mgt. At this point in time there isn’t time to go to the bathroom or take a break during the day no matter what corporate says. Any training is all CYA (coveryourass) so you won’t get sued training. There isn’t really any continuing education in terms of health care. I don’t sell tobacco in the pharmacy, but have to watch that video every year. Most videos get put on and just left to run. We can’t even hear them because there is no sound. I don’t have the time to stand there and read them because phones are ringing off the hook drive through bells are ringing and people standing at the cash register or drop off are saying hello anyone here? The fax machine is whirring and at 10am our computer shows us at 13 hours behind. We literally run from one place to another. I put in a verbal 2 weeks notice probably 3 years ago. I haven’t left because I care. I am jaded and cynical, but still mourn the patients who pass. I would like to see it improve, but I am not optimistic at this time. Now that there are too many pharmacists who have graduated without any regard to the marketplace things are getting worse for them. There are suicides increasing due to the increased demands put on them by corporations to increase profitability. Now that pharmacies are giving vaccinations (which are very time consuming) there are quotas and numbers to meet. I love and hate my job. We are “essential employees” yet we are essentially disposable. I am sorry for your loss of your daughter and I applaud your willingness to take on the task of making things right. I wish that your crusade had never been necessary.
    PS that email is all messed up, so I can’t respond even if you send me anything.

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