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Chris Jerry Gives Virtual Presentation on Preventable Medical Error at Becton Dickinson’s (BD) U.S. Regional Leadership Meeting

On behalf of the Emily Jerry Foundation, I had the great privilege of being able to give a virtual presentation on preventable medical error at Becton Dickinson’s (BD) U.S. Regional Leadership Meeting last week.  As I always do, I felt very grateful to have the opportunity to share many of the personal details surrounding my daughter Emily’s tragic passing. It’s important to me because her legacy, plus the simple fact that we ALL receive healthcare during our lifetime, helps people to truly relate and learn from the important lessons associated with the horrible medication error that took her life in 2006.

I also had a chance to convey a very important message.  It was simply that BD’s systems & solutions, are not only improving and impacting the quality of care, for so many patients around the world, they are also helping to save countless lives from preventable medical error too. To that point, even though there are many, I used their Pyxis IV Prep System as a very clear example.  It’s designed to help assist in eliminating the probability of “human error” from creeping into the sterile IV compounding process.  With its integrated barcode verification, gravimetric technology, ability to immediately detect errors, etc., this IV workflow system, not only would have saved my beautiful daughter Emily’s life…going forward, upon implementation, it stands to save so many others as well. Bottom line, these types of IV workflow systems, are as important to overall medication safety, in the sterile IV compounding process, as seatbelts & airbags are to safety in cars!

I would like to genuinely thank Tracie AdamsBD‘s Vice President of Marketing, for inviting me to speak and providing this wonderful opportunity!

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